Reliable, functional, performing products


SPACE1 Maintenance allows its users to perform technical activities with cutting-edge Augmented Reality functionalities for continuous support and training, thus reducing learning time and human errors, for a greater level of safety, work performance and workmanship.​

  • Configurable workflows
  • Step-by-step interactive procedures
  • Holographic 3D objects and multimedia contents
  • Available also offline

Virtual collaboration

Remote assistance opens up a new dimension of capabilities thanks to SPACE1 Virtual Collaboration. Sharing a prospective field of view with other collaborators and enabling the exchange of information amongst them, in real time, provides an array of opportunities in training or support assist while executing the task at hand.​

  • Real-time content sharing and manipulation, with multiple users
  • Advanced toolbox for annotations
  • Multimedia and virtual content sharing
  • Tracking of the tasks performed and knowledge creation


When Augmented Reality and Geographic Information Systems capabilities are combined, SPACE1 GIS is born. This “union” between GIS and virtuality empowers the user to visualize spatial data in the real world through Augmented Reality, rendering assets such as pipelines, electrical cable networks, technical panels and components, with the support of multimedia or related content, for user’s manipulation, knowledge enhancement and guidance.​

  • Full integration with the market-leading gis
  • High and easy configuration of assets’ graphic visualization
  • Dynamic presentation of content, with tracking and positioning features
  • Access to detailed data exposed by the gis, even offline


Relying on Mixed Realities to enable for the company’s products catalog to be more interactive and effective with the salesforce on demand. Thanks to SPACE1 Sales, the user makes the most of the virtual support to display, personalize and manipulate any kind of article during sales activities. Even expensive, complex, difficult to transport and highly detailed products in multiple configurations will always be available to support the decision-making purchase process.

  • Full management of virtual products catalogue, with real time configuration of materials, textures, colors
  • Creation of virtual showrooms
  • Comparison of various virtual products and 3D animations, for best-in-class user experience
  • Available also offline