Quick customization

Just add a few clicks to the default templates and you will be served with the solution meeting your requirements.

The right device for each situation

SPACE1 makes it possible to use the solution developed on the tablet, on a device which does not even exist, yet.

Everything for your work

Guided procedures, operational instructions, virtual information. No matter what kind of business you lead: thanks to SPACE1 you will always be provided with the device you need for the accurate and safe management of your work.

Virtual assistant

At any stage of the activity, just rely on the step-by-step instructions available and let the workflow provided by SPACE1 lead you inside the virtual world, always giving you the right information at the right time.

Easy Integration

Thanks to the native features provided, SPACE1 ensures simple and cost-effective integration to your company’s hardware and software technology.

Our repository of 3D objects

Our customers are provided with a database of 3D objects, which is being constantly updated. Our specialists are at your disposal to support you in the development of the 3D models which are most suitable for your business.

Display of Virtual Contents

Imagine finding yourself in front of an object. SPACE1 allows you to automatically recognize it, to access to its data, to view videos and documents related to it, broadening your knowledge horizons in the blink of an eye.