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With more and more experienced field technicians who retire, organizations are always looking for ways to capture their knowledge and expertise in order to make it available to new service engineers and technicians. Furthermore, due to an increasing shortage in skilled resources and increasing equipment complexity, organizations are looking for ways to capture technical competence across the entire organization and their field service crews.


Knowledge management tools provide organizations with the opportunity to constantly improve themselves thanks to the possibility to retain data and information about the way assets, service teams, and crews are performing. SPACE1 Knowledge Management is a centralized repository enabling organizations to identify, capture, access, and share numerous types of contents. It is powered by artificial intelligence algorithms making it a powerful tool aimed at democratizing knowledge.

Knowledge Transfer

The introduction of artificial intelligence allows a more efficient and smarter management of the content included in this repository thanks to the possibility to automatically tag documents or any photo and video collected on field. Artificial intelligence, therefore, provides an overall better user’s experience and a smoother and easier access to the company’s knowledge.

Rail Cargo – Leading rail logistics operator

  • Quickly classify images and videos

  • Extract metadata that can be used to index, organize, and search video content

  • Detect and extract text using OCR

  • Transcribe speech to text with punctuation

  • Retain and democratize company’s knowledge

Enable your frontline workers to perform at their best


Automatically tag documents, photos and videos collected on field


Retain and democratize company’s knowledge


Gain insights into the wealth of knowledge hiding in the content captured

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