Introducing a new dimension to training activities


In any company in which field activities are at risk, providing training to technical personnel is key. Furthermore, the more complex the activities are, the more difficult is the learning using traditional classroom training methods.


Today organizations can rely on SPACE1 to train employees leveraging virtual reality in order to avoid accidents in potentially high-risk areas. The high level of configurability of the virtual scenes guarantees the training the be conducted safely, increasing the attention of the users and reducing the time required to complete the sessions.

Training in Virtual Reality

Creating a Virtual Reality training to improve the way employees experience e-learning, making it accessible from anywhere. Thanks to SPACE1 Extended Training organizations can provide training simulations far more cost-effective than instructor-led training, and replicate situational experiences in elaborate environments that are impossible to deliver in real life. Furthermore the solution allows to significantly reduce job-related injuries, while still delivering the desired outcome.

People are your most valuable asset. Start extending their training.

  • Selection of multiple scenes based on the asset recognized

  • 3D scene editor

  • Navigable Resolution Procedures

  • Actions based on the 3D models

  • Tracking of Training sessions

  • Unexpected events management

An all-in-one solution, delivering proven benefits.

Increase in trainee confidence

Savings in training costs

Reduction in learning time

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