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Field workers may have to deal with difficult activities that require unconventional skills. Missing the necessary experience to carry out an intervention has an impact on the execution times and on the quality of the operation.


SPACE1 provides field workers with powerful, location-specific augmented reality guidance workflows and resolution procedures Such smart instructions can be visualized onto smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices ensuring outdated procedures never exist in the field.

Rail Cargo Carrier

Watch the video to learn how SPACE1 allows Rail Cargo’ technicians to perform their inspections hands-free, ensuring the highest safety and production standards regardless of the working conditions, while supporting skill-development and simplifying the process for managing and sharing the know-how.

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  • Virtual support to technicians, provided in real time by the operations center

  • Advanced sharing of multimedia contents supporting task execution

  • Remote training and minimization of staff displacements within the plant

  • Reduction of intervention times and increase of first time fixes

  • 100% hands-free device, compatible with PPE and suitable for noisy industrial environments

An all-in-one solution, delivering proven benefits

increase in productivity

Decrease in mistakes

Reduction of injuries at work

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